In 1998, our group was founded in Rochester, Minnesota. At that time, we were called "F.E.M.A.L.E" and our mission to empower moms, educate moms, provide opportunities for connection and remind all moms that they are more than just a mom was at the forefront of our start.

It was not long after that when our group name of "F.E.M.A.L.E" changed to "Mothers & More-Rochester Chapter #203". Our group became just one chapter of many across the United States under the national umbrella of Mothers & More. For 15 years, our group remained as a chapter of Mothers & More until the national umbrella decided to close their doors allowing chapters to flourish on their own, as independent group to bring mothers together.

In 2016, our group changed names once more to "Rochester Area Moms". While we may have seen our name change, the heart, soul and core of our group has remained the same for the past 18 years. We continue to see a valuable need for a place that moms can connect with each other, support each other and have a place to call their own.


Even as lives change, children grow and new seasons of life begin, we continue to see our membership grow. With this growth, we know we are doing what we set out to do 18 years ago and that is to let moms know there is a place for them to find the support, encouragement and the friendship that they are looking for. Our doors and hearts are open to all moms needing a place to find each other as well as find themselves on this crazy journey called motherhood.