Community resources for mothers in need.

We are often contacted by people asking for help finding support groups for postpartum depression or other family resources. We understand that the transition into parenthood can bring about various challenges, regardless of your socioeconomic status, and we also realize that Rochester is a city of transplants, with families relocating here from other states and countries and leaving their support system of family and friends behind. And so, we're including this community resources page to help mothers and families in the area connect with the support services they need to maintain and strengthen their health and wellbeing.  

Pregnancy and Postpartum Support Minnesota

Pregnancy and Postpartum Support Minnesota* (PPSM) offers various referrals, resources, classes, and clinics for Minnesota women and families needing help during pregnancy and after childbirth.  If you're struggling with infertility, pregnancy loss, postpartum depression or need help regarding any other perinatal mental health please contact PPSM online or call their help line at (612) 787-7776(PPSM). 

Women's Shelter and Support Center

The Women's Shelter and Support Center*offers support services to victims of domestic violence in SE Minnesota.  They are open 24/7 and have Satellite Offices in Preston, Kasson and the Olmsted County Courthouse.  If you are in need of immediate assistance call them at (507) 285-1010. If you prefer to contact them via email the Women's Shelter can be reached at

Olmsted County Crisis Nursery

Families First of Minnesota* offers several resources to strengthen families in the Rochester Area and can offer help in finding daycare service providers, preschools programs and much more. They also have a free temporary childcare program for residents experiencing a crisis.  Olmsted County residents can access Crisis Nursery services for children aged birth to twelve-years-old by calling (507)287-2020 or after hours please call (507) 281-6248.  There are no income guidelines to receive temporary crisis nursery services, as parents of all socioeconomic statutes experiences times when they need some extra support, the only requirement is that you are a Olmsted County resident. 

Flourish Counseling Center

Flourish Counseling Center* is a mental health provider located in Rochester, MN  that specializes in addressing the mental health needs of women and teen girls. Among other areas, they offer motherhood-spefic counseling regarding pregnancy depression, postpartum depression, pregnancy loss, infertility, traumatic labor expressions, baby blues and transitioning into motherhood.  They also have small group sessions and offer counseling to dads/partners.  

United Way of Olmsted County

Community support groups and resources are constantly changing and The United Way of Olmsted County* has a free and confidential information and referral network to connect you with the right resource right away.  You can dial 211, call toll-free, text or chat with a referral specialist. Visit the United Way of Olmsted County website for more information.  


Birthright of Rochester, MN* offers pregnancy support services including information, referrals, free resources and much more to anyone who is pregnant or think that they might be pregnant and need some support. Birthright is interdenominational and is not affiliated with any specific religion, political activities or lobbing. You can call (507) 288-9375 to hear walk-in-hours for the week.  

Mayo Clinic and Mayo Clinic Connect

Mayo Clinic* is an area hospital that offers medical treatments and support groups for a plethora of health issues including perinatal mental health. Contact Mayo Clinic directly at (507)284-2511 to learn more about their health services and support groups.   Mayo Clinic Connect* is an online community where people can find support from people who are experiencing similar life events. There are groups focusing on women's health, mental health, and even a group for people who just want to talk. They also host Video Q&As on many topics that are relevant to mothers.

Olmsted Medical Center

Olmsted Medical Center* is an area hospital that offers general medical care along with women's health services and mental health services*. Some counseling services may be available via telemedicine when office visits aren't possible.  Contact OMC directly at (507)287-2766 to learn more about their mental health services and available support groups.  

Psychology Today Therapist Finder

Psychology Today's Therapist Finder* connects individuals seeking mental health services with qualified mental health professionals in their area.  You can search for a therapist by issue, therapy type, insurance acceptance and much more based on your individual preferences.  


*Rochester Area Moms does endorse, guarantee, approve, support or otherwise affiliate with any mental health program, resource or provider listed or linked to on this page or the information available on their external websites. These sites and resources are listed and linked to with permission to help connect mothers in need with area resources. These resources are listed for informational purposes only and are not a substitute for mental health treatment and should no be considered such. Not all resources listed on this page are free, and some services and providers may not be covered by your insurance, it is the responsibility of the individual to verify costs and coverage with their insurance company before starting treatment with a provider.